1 Question Psychic Reading

Let’s Move You Forward in a Positive Direction!

Now, I used to offer in-office and live online psychic readings for $120 per session. I was busy. It was good.

But one day my guides said: “Hey! We want you to change it up!

Actually they were really pushy about it. You can read about it here if you’re curious.

Long story short: the prices had to come down!

And you know what? I’m happy about that. Who wants to make people pay a lot of money? Not a great experience for anyone.

The direction was clear: no more live sessions. Instead, just take questions through a text form, and record videos for people.

And I don’t even have to charge $120 for it! Heck, I don’t even have to charge my old fee of $80!

The 1 Question Psychic Reading is just $30!!

And for that you get some amazing stuff:

• A video response
• That’s there forever
• That you can watch every day if you want
• That’s completely private
• And you don’t even have to sit in a “scary” psychic session – just type out your question!

Not sure what to ask?

Popular subjects include:

‣ Dating and relationship advice
Concerns about a work situation
‣ Spiritual, mental, and emotional growth


Remember to:

• Phrase it in the form of a question (“Is Joey the one?”, not “Joey.”)
• Be specific (“What are the odds of me getting a raise next year?”, not “Anything coming up?”)
• Be sincere and honest (If you make stuff up, psychically I tune into the made-up universe you’re imagining… You get out what you put in!!)

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Still not sure?

All readings are automatically private. However, a small percentage of the time people request that a version is made available to the public with the personal information removed so that the wisdom can be shared further. Here’s what it looks like:

I’ve helped hundreds over the last few years discover the truth about things, about how fate works, and gain clarity.

Be one of them.

Let’s open the door to a happier life.

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Remember: Make sure your email is correct to receive a response!

Videos are recorded and sent back to you ASAP

All psychic readings have the same goal: to make your life better in a realistic, meaningful way.

Let’s move you forward!