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3 Easy Steps To Finding Your Higher Self

Reaching the higher self sounds like a good idea to most people, but where do you start? How do you connect with the pure, loving part of yourself without years of meditation and religious study?

It’s easier than you might think.

Step 1: Find 5 Minutes

Set aside 5 minutes a day where you will be thinking about your higher self. The idea of sitting back and focusing on something like this will seem peculiar at first, so we’ll start off easy.

Don’t push yourself, after all this is supposed to be relaxing! If you feel like continuing a session after the first 5 minutes, of course feel free to do so.

Please note: if you don’t have 5 minutes free in your day, then find 15 minutes. If your life is really that hectic then it’s time to make this a priority and bump something from your schedule!

Step 2: Super-Easy Meditation

Focus on your breathing for about a minute, really paying attention to ensuring that each breath is slow and deep. This has two handy psychological effects: it activates your body’s natural relaxation abilities, and is an easy way to train your mind into focusing on what you’re doing.

Soon you’ll notice random thoughts popping in your head. This is expected and we’re going to work with it, not against it.

Think of the thoughts in your mind like waves washing up on the shore. They rise, you notice them, and then you push them away and focus on your breathing again. Then wait for the next thought. Thoughts coming up are very natural and normal, and the motion of allowing them to arrive and washing them away to focus on your breathing will help you to direct your thoughts when the time comes.

Step 3: Imagine The Higher Self

Spend the rest of the time simply attempting to understand what this “higher self” thing really is. What is it like to be a being of infinite love, an invulnerable thing that cannot be harmed, that lets go of all hurts instantly, that sees the whole plan of the Universe and lives in complete joy?

Since everybody’s mind works differently, the method you use to contemplate the concept of the higher self will vary. Here are 3 basic strategies that you can mix and match to find what works best for you:

  1. Visual: imagine what a being of pure energy would look like. This being is made up of light, the basic loving fabric of the Universe itself. It sees and understands everything you’ve ever experienced, and everything you’ve ever thought, and clearly accepts all of you for exactly who you are. You can see every part of it inside and out, completely free of any baggage or blockages. It sees your entire life, from beginning to end, as a single perfect moment that worked out exactly as intended.
  2. Auditory: imagine the vibration of pure, infinite love. The gentle and compassionate voice of your higher self speaks to you, and although you don’t always catch the words it is using you seem to understand. When you tell it what you’re thinking you can hear laughter at how marvelous you are doing, and joy that your experiences are helping to build you into the person you are becoming in this life.
  3. Kinesthetic: imagine the simple feeling of infinite compassion, love, and comfort. All hurts in your life, no matter how enormous, are tiny little pinpricks that last barely a moment in the grand eternity of your higher self that lives in warm, invulnerable health and love. All experiences are thrilling, fascinating, and quite funny if taken in the context of an infinite universe where we’re all invulnerable and made of love.
That’s it! Simply spending the time attempting to imagine the higher self creates the connection, and soon a new relationship with who you truly are begins to form.
The best part is that it was easy, relaxing, healing, and fun!

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