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7 Side-Effects Of Spiritual Healing

Here is a list of 7 signs that you are on the healing path. Some will seem a bit peculiar or random, but those of you who have experienced dramatic healings in the past will definitely find them familiar:

  1. Emotional discharge. When you’ve been clearing blocks away, stored up emotions break free and get released. Suddenly you’re crying or laughing or shouting each in turn or all at once, and then it passes and you feel peaceful. This is pretty common, and one of those things that people who are losing a lot of weight frequently experience as things that were once stored up get flushed out.
  2. Something in the outer world changes. A person you used to hear from doesn’t come around much anymore, or you find you don’t feel like calling them for some reason. Your job changes, new opportunities present themselves, new relationships get formed. To heal oneself on the inside is to heal one’s outer world, and suddenly your day to day life starts looking very different.
  3. Random memories become available again. That time you were colouring in the basement when you were 7 years old and the sun landed on your paper just right. Last year when you were walking to your car late at night and the air smelled like lavender for some reason. What you ordered for breakfast last week. It seems that the more we heal, the easier it is to access details of our lives that we didn’t even know we had forgotten.
  4. Repressed memories become available again. Often we store memories away just like we store emotions away, kept locked up in a place where we don’t have to deal with them for fear of getting hurt. Often on the healing path some disturbing, embarrassing, or just plain depressing moments come rushing back. If this happens to you remember: it’s happening because you’re ready to finally get it dealt with. Dive into these moments, heal them as you have been healing other things, and once they are released and flushed out you’ll find a daily peace beyond what you ever thought was possible.
  5. Your tastes change. Often people who are experiencing deep healing crave healthier options and start noticing a deep dissatisfaction with things that are bad for them. This applies to food of course, but it also applies to media. Movies and TV shows that you used to enjoy might start seeming unnecessarily dark or coercive, and you may find yourself seeking out more uplifting material. You may also find yourself paying a lot more attention to fashion as something inside of you seeks a new outer expression for your overall look. Almost nobody heals without rearranging a bit of furniture in the house!
  6. Laughter. The old adage about “the healing power of laughter” is absolutely true, and the process creates a feedback loop as well. The more you laugh, the more you heal, which in turn makes it easier to laugh. The only thing you may find is that the old jokes aren’t funny anymore if they seem born from a place of bitterness, one that you’ve moved on from and just can’t enjoy being smug about any longer.
  7. Everything gets easier. Compassion gets easier to express and is so much more deeply satisfying. Love is easier to put into place as you heal from jealousy or straight-up fear. But beyond the emotional, your brain and body start working better too. You learn much quicker, and your creativity is immediately stimulated. Your body begins to repair itself, and tensions that used to build up don’t seem to bother you quite as much. Every challenge you face seems well within your capabilities, and soon you can see each one as something placed there not to drag you down but designed purely for your amusement as you engage in the process of becoming stronger, better and smarter to overcome them.
There are many, many other surprises in store for you. This is only the tip of the iceburg. Seek healing my friend, and prepare yourself for a glimpse of a reality you never knew could be yours.
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