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All Things Are Possible

7a5edd29174fed15013f821dd870bb52Looking for an all-in-one enlightenment tool?Consider this phrase: “all things are possible.” Attack this with your whole heart and your intuitive powers will skyrocket.

It’s a difficult thing to truly accept. If you think it’s easy, or that you even understand the phrase completely, you haven’t given this notion the attention it deserves. You don’t have to trust me on this, I’m about to prove it to you.

Before I continue though, I’d like to say that the following is both complex and, when truly contemplated, a bit disturbing. Please feel free to email me later if you’d like help working through some of what follows.

Now, give it another few moments:

All things are possible.

Let me walk you through just a few of the various philosophical exercises on this spiritual all-in-one workout machine.


Firstly, and probably obviously, there’s the application to the “law of attraction”.

All things are possible. Yes, quite literally anything could happen in the next moment.

But… what is a moment? It’s possible that the multiple universe theories are all simultaneously true. This means that every possible combination of atom, molecule, energy, and thermodynamic state all exist. All possibilities are true and happening in some reality right now.

This means there are infinite universes identical to this, but seemingly at a time one nanosecond before or after this one. Maybe time is purely an illusion, and that every moment of history is eternally in existence. Maybe what we think of as time is just our perception of moving from one universe to the next.

So time itself may be an illusion, and we change nothing but what dimensional reality we care to pay attention to.

Now, keep this thought crystallized in your mind, and chose which dimension to exist in. VoilĂ , you have performed “manifestation”.

That was a good warm-up. Now let’s get to the main workout.

Spiritual Guidance

All things are possible. This means that if you believe in anything, question it. If you think you’ve “learned” something, consider that it’s just as likely it’s all utter nonsense. Appreciate the completely valid notion that the opposite of your most dearly held values may be true. Appreciate that something in between the two polarities may be true, what you perceive as “polarities” may be pathetically distant from the actual extremes, or that there are infinite possibilities in infinite universes where hybrids of these thoughts are all simultaneously true.

Destroy your life’s accumulated “knowledge”. Only when you accept this can you truly receive the teachings being offered to you from higher beings. If you truly embrace this it is quite a rush of epiphanies. You now need no guru but yourself.

Good, keep it up! Let’s finish strong now:

Accurate Psychic Readings

All things are possible. You might be a single being, inviolate and perfect in your current form. Or, you may simply be the by-product of trillions upon trillions of molecular interactions. Both are equally possible. This “ego” thing people refer to may be a burden, a perfect creation, or simply the outer membrane of a much more complex being that is incapable of observing the infinite interactions happening below the surface that result in its outer behaviour.

There may be trillions of intelligences influencing and creating what you so tritely call “your thoughts”.

If all things are possible, then insist and demand of yourself to avoid declaring anything as “true” about yourself or the notion of what makes up an “individual”. Open yourself to all possibilities of hives of perception and emotion forming and breaking apart spontaneously, and that perhaps that which we call a “person” is merely a temporary, fleeting thing.

Consider that everything that is “you” may simply be a bubble in a boiling pot.

Then, with this held as true for the moment, give a psychic reading without any consideration for the validity of the things you say. If done from this mindset, prepare to be shocked at the accuracy.

This was only the very outer edge of what can be learned by the notion that “all things are possible.”

Much of the above, if taken seriously, is terrifying. I urge you to embrace it anyway. Consider the terror, and then once you’ve revelled in the horror of it, consider the more comforting truth as well. Once done, adopt a simple stance that you can never know either way.

If you ask a question, know that the answer is always: “all things are possible.”

If you make any statement, make sure the phrase “all things are possible” rings in your mind as rebuttal.

All things are possible, including the most beautiful and marvellous ideas well beyond human comprehension. If you’ve got the guts, then this is a good key to that which lies well beyond this universe and the next, and the next few thousand universes beyond that.

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