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DIVINATION: Finding Your Path

Today as I prayed and meditated the above title appeared in my mind, in that place where Divine direction appears. The tone of the message was different than usual. Often I feel like I’m being “pushed” by Inspiration to do something, but this time it was just presented as a gift. “Here, have this, and enjoy it if you’d like.”

Well now. It appears I finally have permission to publish a book… and it couldn’t be on a more perfect subject.

Now I draw to myself the resources I’ve collected over the years, from gigabytes of online articles to my boxes of moldy out-of-print tomes about the subtle arts of divination. For centuries mankind has sought knowledge beyond time, space and meaning, and now I will call their names. They are the Runes of the ancient northern cultures, Tarot of the European nations, and Palmistry of the Vedics and of the Hermetics. Astrology, Tea Leaves, Bone Casting,
Crystal Scrying, Augury, and the reading of Omens, all will be counted, all will be honoured. These are the ways we have understood the invisible. These are the ways we bring it all to this present moment.

This world is choked with would-be gurus and evangelists who have found “the way”, the one true path to the light of knowledge. Few acknowledge the strengths of others, fewer still acknowledge each other’s accomplishments. Some claim their art is a “science” in an effort to claim an absolute knowledge of true divination, and to belittle the practitioners of other modalities.

Those who have done this will not have their names counted, at least not by me.

Here now I will give honour to Mademoiselle Lenormand, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon. No one will be held above another, and all will be acknowledged for the lives they’ve changed for the better.

The result will be an overview, not an instruction manual. To provide a complete education in all divinatory arts would require a library, not a single book. Still, in a time where everyone is trying to sell their specific model of hotline to the Great Beyond, an overview of what’s out there could be just what the world needs right now.

Those just discovering their paths of intuition often waste years following dead ends, only to find that their speciality was just around the corner. The purpose of this book will be to serve as their map.

Astrologers will often acknowledge the value of a Tarot reading, and yet cannot seem to pull results from the cards. Likewise, the precise and complex nature of Astrology often baffles and frustrates those who are not “wired” to work with it. Psychics who channel Angels often can’t wrap their minds around the idea of using any kind of external reference at all.

We all have a path to walk. This will be a guide to finding yours.

I’m not entirely certain how this book will be written in the end. Where will the time come from? How will I be certain I didn’t miss something critical? Can I find the fortitude to see this through to the end?

The answer is simple I suppose: I must regularly give permission to the Divine to guide me. This is that “allowing” stuff people are always talking about.

More updates to come as things develop.

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