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Fall predictions for the St Catharines area

Canada, Ontario, St Catharines, Spring 2004

Canada, Ontario, St Catharines, Spring 2004

Fall predictions for the St Catharines area.

  • Several new spiritual communities will start to form focused on specific needs and ways to grow.
  • There will be three UFO sightings above St Catharines, although one will be dismissed and the other only shared with friends. Keep your ears open for the third.
  • There will be a few days where the warm weather returns, but this will be followed by much colder weather.
  • Downtown will experience a Renaissance of sorts with people from all over travelling there for a wide range of work and entertainment.
  • New controversies at the city hall level as certain officials try to skirt the rules for personal gain.
  • Expect a brief storm one night capable of doing a lot of damage to your garden. The vineyards will be fine, but a sudden cold snap and ice/frost will be a problem if you don’t cover your vegetables.
  • Layoffs will be offset by new employment opportunities.

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