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Feeling Broken When I’m Perfect

One of the more confusing things spiritual healers often say is that you are not damaged. 

Picture this now: you’ve been hurting, or you’ve run into a big barrier in your spiritual development. You’ve gone through the process of looking up a healer, making the appointment, and agreeing to pay for the service. As you’re discussing what is to come, you happen to talk about how you feel flawed or damaged or imperfect in some way.

Then they tell you that you’re perfect exactly the way you are.

So then you have to ask: if you’re already perfect, why are you even there?

When I studied Reiki years ago this really stumped me. On one hand we were doing energy healings, but on the other hand we were carefully coached to never see anyone as anything other than perfect. How can both be true?

All of the reasons people seek out a healer boil down to two things:
healing and growth. Part of them feels damaged, or they feel stuck in a rut of some kind. Both, however, are tricks of perception. What we’re really doing when we heal is clearing away illusions about who we really are.

That sounds like a lot of spiritual mumbo-jumbo double-talk, so let me see if I can explain…

First, let’s talk about healing injuries. Consider your soul to be a perfect, indestructible and beautiful thing. It is walking a long road, not just through this life but many lives one after another.

Sometimes the road is dusty and you get a bit of mud on you. This is what we call “injury”.

A healer just cleans it off. You were perfect the whole time, even with the hurt and wounds that you carried with you. The injuries were not a part of you, just something that you could leave behind when you were ready.

What about spiritual growth? Isn’t a more intelligent, sophisticated soul better than an undeveloped one?

Again, what we call “intelligence” is an illusion. I understand that, locked in the pilot seat of the human brain, that’s a tough thing to accept. The easiest way to glimpse at the truth of the matter is this: is a baby less holy than an adult? Is it important that babies grow quickly? Has an adult achieved something worthy of praise by growing to adulthood?

I’m certainly not saying that spiritual growth isn’t a worthwhile endeavor. Personally I’m addicted to the stuff. What I am saying is that, in the grand scheme of things, every one of us remains exactly as precious leaving this life as we were when we entered it.

You can never gain divinity, because you never lost it in the first place.

So when you heal, you’re only doing one simple thing: attempting to realize the truth about who you really are. And trust me: who you are is more incredible than the brain you’re carrying around could ever understand.

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  1. That is beautiful!
    I agree that injury can disguise as mud but can also be seen as a wall that you absolutely must climb in order to quickly get to your true destination.
    Sometimes, you must believe you climbed the wall to get to your destination when actually you could have just washed off the mud and took the train. Ha

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