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Finally Done The Website Updates

Finally Done the Website Updates

Not to get overly dramatic here…

… But I’m exhausted!

In addition to the normal appointments, doing a little behind-the-scenes YouTube work, and all the basics of running the office, I was able to do a whole pile of work on the website:

  • New, easier-to-navigate website theme
  • Got rid of some older blog posts that don’t apply anymore
  • Updated and published stuff that had been there for a long time
  • Installed an automated booking portal to make life easier
  • Integrated an automated system for online appointments
  • Integrated a payment portal (I can take credit cards again! Yay! 😄

… Plus I made dinner. Ham ‘n eggs. Breakfast for dinner is the best!

Alright. Enough productivity for one day. I’m off to bed.

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