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In Defense Of Astrology And The 2012 Predictions That Didn’t Happen

In Defense of Astrology and the 2012 Predictions That Didn’t Happen

I am by no means an astrologer, and have no opinion when it comes to most things people say about the zodiac. There’s just too much information to process to make any sense out of it for me. I did get my chart done once by a qualified professional (hi there Liane), and it was quite staggering: every major surgery, injury, and major life change I had experienced up to that point (none of which I had mentioned to her) had been clearly indicated. She was right about the few years that followed as well.

This was enough to get my attention, so I’ve become a fan of a YouTube channel called Suspicious0bservers that shows daily footage of solar weather. As it turns out, our sun has a very active weather system that rotates past us fairly quickly every day. It’s made up of things like sun spots (the dark patches), coronal filaments (arches of plasma), and coronal mass ejections (bits of the sun shot out into space). All of this directly affects two things here on Earth: major storms, and earthquake activity. There is an undeniable correlation – one predicts the other consistently.

What’s interesting is how planetary alignment changes everything. Get two or more planets lined up, and some serious stuff happens on the sun. Here’s a video mentioning an alignment that happened in 2015 that caused a huge blast of plasma to eject from the sun that, had it been facing us, would have killed us all in an instant:

If you watched this you might have caught his mention of another kill shot back in 2012.

Think about that for a second. If planetary alignments cause solar weather phenomena, and solar weather has a direct affect on what happens here on Earth, then maybe all of those 2012 predictions were true to a degree and the shot just happened to miss us. Maybe we’re luckier than we know.

Of course, maybe it’s not luck either. There’s been something astronomers have noticed about solar weather called “the Earth-facing quiet”. Whenever a major solar weather system rolls around to face the Earth, it calms down a bit until pointing away. It’s like it knows we’re here, and the energy gets focused elsewhere.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what it is that’s doing that. It’s important that you decide for yourself if that’s God, or aliens, or Gaia, or the sun itself, or just crazy dumb luck that keeps protecting us here on Earth. I’m an existentialist – I’m in the camp that it’s unknowable, and that it’s better that way.

But one thing that can’t be denied is that the alignment of planets really does have something to do with life on Earth, and that’s something the Mayans could have predicted. It’s possible. It’s also possible that somehow we as humans have internal rhythms beyond the detection of science that control what we call “fate”, and we’re just catching a glimpse now of how that might work.

You know what I love so much about not knowing for sure? That there’s so much more to discover!

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