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Mainfestation Fundamentals: Why?

The Universe doesn’t care if you’re strong or weak, clever or stupid, educated or ignorant. It doesn’t even care if you’re “correct” in your spiritual philosophy.

It only cares about one thing: are you being completely clear about this thing you want?

This means not just having a well-defined notion of what you want, but of why you want it. As mentioned above, your motives don’t have to be virtuous, they just have to be honest. You need to get to the root of your motivation, and fully acknowledge all of it, not just the parts that make you proud or sound good when you share them with others.

For instance: I’m writing this article because I love Kathy Upper and Spiritual Niagara. I believe in what we’re doing and I believe in the people of the Niagara Region, and anything I can do to help is my absolute honor and privilege to do.

If I stopped there, however, I would be being very selective in my honesty, wouldn’t I?

I also love the idea that something I say could possibly help someone in some small way and make the world a better place. I love the idea that I have the power to influence the world for the better, because that implies something about the possibilities of how great world I live in could be someday, and it also implies that there’s something good in me.

Let’s not even stop there though…

I’m also writing because I love to look smart. My Ego loves it when I read over something I’ve written and it looks like it makes sense and will be effective. A part of me is really hoping people will read this, be impressed, and their opinion of me will improve.

If I didn’t acknowledge that, I’d be LYING. I’d be lying to myself, and I’d be lying to you.

Now, I’d love to pretend that I’m a pure and innocent saint existing beyond the Ego and beyond self-interest, but if I want this article to be effective in its intent (in this case: giving people an effective tool for manifestation) then I must acknowledge all of me, not just the shiny bits. I must do so shamelessly, and without guilt. Only then will the Universe acknowledge my desire.

The Universe doesn’t care if you’ve conquered your Ego. It only cares that you fully comprehend how your decisions are being influenced by it, and that you’ve accepted yourself exactly as you are. If you are being completely honest about your intent, then your intent can be made manifest.

Pretend at purity at your own peril.

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