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Manifestation Fundamentals: Accept That Life Is Unfair

The time has come at long last to start looking at the infamous “Law of Attraction”. Popularized by “The Secret“, this has grown into a mini-industry of its own. Most material written on this topic seems to focus on one narrow aspect of the issue, but then presents that little piece as the entire equation. Other times, as in “The Secret” itself, you’re filled with quick tips but in such a glossed-over manner that many of the fundamentals get lost.

In truth, this topic is so vast and complicated that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Between the epic volumes of New Thought philosophy, mountains of occult practices from the last few centuries, the ancient Gnostic documents and other ancient tablets, there’s no shortage of source material I could quote if I felt like looking smart. None of that even begins to approach the libraries of modern New Age philosophers and the work that continues to be published by the Theosophic and other societies. This thing is a monster!

What I’ll do, then, is forget it all and focus on channeling a series of articles examining “The First Fundamental of Manifestation“:

To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.

The next few articles will be focused on different aspects of this fundamental, and we’ll see where inspiration takes it from there.

A quick preface: what follows is for the purposes of manifestation. It is a frame of mind necessary for bringing into existence something that you want.

This means that it will exclude some perfectly valid ideas in favor of a narrowly defined frame of mind. This is not a criticism or a negation of how important it is to adopt other frames of mind at times. Rather, this is a simple definition of what it takes to manifest.

When you’re done, please do explore other ways to relate to the Universe. A single perspective on reality is only ever useful for a single purpose, and life is far too multi-faceted for that.

Ok, here we go.

People say: “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” This is true of life, absolutely. On a cosmic scale, when looking at the vast array of possibilities that life affords, it really doesn’t matter where we ended up. What matters is what we got out of the process.

All the little things that occurred along the way, the incidentals and silly little moments, these are the true wealth of living.

However, when your intent is to manifest your dreams, this philosophy is a great way to discourage you. The journey teaches you one thing: the world doesn’t care about your success.

The world is a random place. It isn’t concerned about whether or not life is easy or difficult, whether there are barriers between you and your goal. There are literally billions of us on this planet jockeying for position. What makes you think your desires will be heard above any others?

If you’re going to start making your dreams come true, you have to accept that “fairness” is a human concept that the rest of existence has no real interest in. Fairness is a fantasy.

Why does this matter for manifestation? Because in an unfair and sometimes cruel world, the very first step to manifestation is to accept whatever may come, no matter what.

The method is simple: choose your goal. Decide it is an inevitability. Now go and create it.

Despite how simple that is, things happen along the way. Sometimes it will be as if the world just won’t cooperate. Sometimes it won’t give you the tools you think you need. Sometimes barriers will appear. Sometimes you’ll feel lost.

So before you get going, accept all of that first. Set all of your petty angst and fear aside before you begin. These little things that happen along the way cannot stop you. You are achieving a goal. You are manifesting a dream. This is a fact, so it doesn’t matter how rough the road is.

Recently a co-worker of mine complained that they didn’t finish something as quickly as the rest of us because they had a bit more work than usual. I reminded them that, before we started the project, I warned everyone involved to not mention how much work they had to get through. Some would have more, some would have less, but this does not matter. We were competing for the fastest completion time, regardless of the details.

This seemed confusing to them. Here was my response (with some editing for privacy):

The point is that it can’t even be brought up. It must not.

Your challenge is yours alone, but the world doesn’t care about your challenge. A 20lb weight doesn’t care if you’re strong enough to lift it or not. It only moves if you apply enough force to move it. 

In that same way this challenge doesn’t care if you’re swamped or have almost nothing to do today. It just cares about your score.

The point is to accept the inherent unfairness of the statistical system we work under. EPH isn’t fair, and neither is CSAT. I might have several exceptionally difficult and lengthy cases to work through today. I’m still hitting my target number. Errors might be made by others in my evaluations bringing my scores artificially lower (which has happened to me this month, as you know). I’ll still finish over 85%. 

Even though I took time out to write this email, I’ll still hit my work targets today. And it isn’t fair. And it doesn’t matter that it isn’t fair. By my will I will see it done.

That is the purpose of the exercise and the point of the project. To allow circumstances to be whatever they are, and still say: I will win this unfair fight.

My will be done.

By this crucible a new you can be forged. 

Does that seem harsh to you? Keep in mind: I’ve been working with these people on their performance for 2 days and they’ve already exceeded every goal they’ve ever set for themselves, with about an hour at the end of the day to kick around and do whatever they want to do – something that is never, ever supposed to happen.

That includes the person in the email above, who actually did better than everyone else by the end of the day.

The world doesn’t care how strong you are. It doesn’t care how good you are. It doesn’t care how smart you are or how skilled.

It only cares about your focused determination.

If you’re going to manifest, you must not only exit your comfort zone, you must abandon all interest in comfort. This isn’t about how pleasant the journey will be. This is about making a decision to reach a destination. For now, just in this moment, the journey is irrelevant.

Your decision is everything. Once made, it must be absolute. It must be a fact, not a hope or a wish or a general inclination depending on what happens.

Lock your mind on your goal, and fix your rudder. You move in one direction now, toward a single purpose. The waves may buffet you, but you will navigate them. The path may be obscured, but you will run it at full speed. You may have no idea where to find answers, but that doesn’t prevent you from hunting them down with the absolute certainty that you will find them.

Do not ask life for anything. It will continue to ignore you. Asking is not manifesting.

It is up to you to manifest what you want. Ask only of yourself, and then once the request is made agree to provide what you have asked for. Once you’ve agreed, act.

You are the one who manifests. Not some external, fuzzy “Universe”. You.*

Focus and move.

Your will be done.

Now, as far as life goes, it can be as unfair as it wants, can’t it? That’s perfectly acceptable, because it really doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop you. Nothing is beyond you.

Once you’ve achieved this skill, you’ve taken your first step into the world of manifestation. With just this skill you can move mountains, but this is only the beginning. We’ll cover more in later articles.

* Footnote: I hereby acknowledge that there is a valid approach to identity where you are the Universe. There is a time for that exploration, but this isn’t it. Ownership of the goal and of the establishment of momentum is essential. Let’s not get bogged down in the old debate of inner vs. outer worlds or that old saw “as above so below”. This is not the time for philosophy. This is the time for decision and action; the seed from which true manifestation grows.

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