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Manifestation Fundamentals: Aim, Relax, and Push Only When Conditions Are Right Lan LanisterIf you look very carefully around the Niagara Region these past few days you might have noticed that we’re getting a bit of snow.

This makes driving conditions tricky. Worse, for some reason the de-icing spray they put on the QEW this year seems to be converting the snow into a slick gel-like substance that has sent, quite literally, over 400 cars into the ditch so far this season according to the OPP.

In short: this has got to be the most fun driving season we’ve had in ages!

I mean, usually it’s completely easy. You pick a direction, stomp on the gas, and know that eventually you’re going to get there. Boring. Most of the time you don’t even remember the trip.

Now, though, the experience is really spiced up. Slam that gas pedal and you absolutely will find yourself spinning out of control. You have to feather it, paying attention to how much traction you have and how much momentum you can create. You also have to be watching way, way ahead to see what the traffic is doing, if the lights are changing, and if anybody is going to come stumbling out into the road.

The difficulty level on this game just went way up, and you’ll remember the trip when you get home!

How this relates to manifestation is fairly obvious. Life is not a perfectly smooth asphalt surface that you have complete control over. It’s messy, variable, and if you achieve guru-like skills you will still only ever have a clumsy control over your momentum at best.

So, work with it:

  • ┬áDecide on your goal. Get it fixed in your mind, and keep an eye on it wherever you are, whatever you are doing. (Watch where you’re going.)
  • Watch for obstacles, and react accordingly. This way they may get in your way, but will never stop you for long. (Keep scanning traffic and looking way ahead.)
  • Quitting anything abruptly or spontaneously is dangerous. Think things through, and if you leave projects that aren’t getting you where you want to go, do so gracefully. (Never slam on the brakes!)
  • When you seem to be pulled off course (taking a corner in the snow), relax (take your foot off the gas) and just go where life is taking you while never losing sight of your goal. Keep aiming at your goal, but don’t fight against the momentum. Work with it.
  • When it seems like you have all the tools you need and the obstacles are out of the way, don’t hesitate! It is time to achieve your goal! (Hit the gas when you get grip again.)

Safe driving everyone!

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