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Manifestation Fundamentals – Stupid Jerks

You know the type. I meet them every day. They drive slow in the fast lane. They pay in pennies at the checkout. They stare at the menu at Tim Horton’s for fifteen minutes, unsure of what they want, even though it already took them ten minutes in line to get that far.

They smoke, they spit, they swear, they smell, and they’re in my way. They’re too loud, too self-absorbed, too ignorant, and too uncooperative. They ignore my good ideas and are probably conspiring against me. Plus, they’re probably completely evil.

They’re ruining everything, and they’re why things aren’t going my way. They’re the source of everything that is wrong with the world. If they would just smarten up and do things right, my dreams could come true easily, overnight.

What if I told you, however, that maybe I’m just a jerk? I know, it seems unlikely, but if I want to really start manifesting things in my life, I should indulge this crazy idea for a minute.

If you’ve spent ten seconds looking at “Law of Attraction” material you’ve been exposed to a common scene. It goes something like this: our miserable hero decides to perk up and think positively, and suddenly all the mean people in their life magically disappear or change their attitudes.

I’ve tried it too, but found that, strangely, people are still kind of annoying. What am I doing wrong?

This is because of what I call “The First Fundamental of Manifestation“:

To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.

It’s not about simply adopting a new philosophy or learning a skill. You don’t just get some instructions on manifestation and follow them. Rather, you realize that you are already manifesting.

All of these jerks surrounding me? They’re my doing. Because that’s who I am. I’m the hateful little jerk that looks at people with disdain and irritation just because they’re out there living their lives in ways that don’t directly serve my ego.

My irritation would have been impossible if I had chosen compassion instead. But I didn’t.

My impatience would have been impossible if I had faith in the person in front of me that they were doing the best they could. A moment’s empathy would have dissolved my impatience. I didn’t bother.

Those people who just don’t listen to my ideas? They have reasons that, to them, made perfect sense. Those who manifest become curious about how to work with those reasons, rather than wasting time being wounded at having their ideas ignored.

Just as an experiment, try owning that for a minute. Everyone is awesome, all things are possible, and you decided to ignore all of that so that you could be annoyed and feel inconvenienced.

I need to accept that as true. If I’m unwilling to do so, then I’m choosing to manifest a world of stupid jerks who all work against me.

It is about recognizing that the people who annoy me are actually not annoying. I’m just the kind of person that gets annoyed by them. And that’s not their problem. There is nothing wrong with them at all. This is all on me, and so from now on, I’m transforming into someone who isn’t going to react like this. I’m working on it.

It is about accepting that there is always, always a story I don’t know about:

  • He’s driving slow in the fast lane because he’s scared about merging traffic ever since the accident last year, where his wife got seriously injured.
  • She’s paying with pennies because she’s out of money, the bank is far away, and she can’t afford a car.
  • He can’t pick an item from the menu at Tim Horton’s because he has vision problems that went undiagnosed throughout school, which also made it difficult for him to pick up reading skills. He lives with the embarrassment of that every day in a society filled with text.
  • She is having a hard time taking me seriously because, when I walked in, I inadvertently insulted her with that comment I made about slow drivers. Her husband drives slow ever since the accident because she’s terrified and he loves her. She suffers from nightmares about it to this day, and she blames pushy drivers like me.
  • Yeah, he smells. He’s tried everything on the shelves in the “Bath & Beauty” section but nothing works. It’s actually a medical condition and there are treatments for it, but nobody’s ever suggested that to him before.

It is about recognizing that I am the kind of person that seeks out the stupid and selfish. I’ve honed my “stupidity detector” so well that I can detect the weakest signal and amplify it thousands of times, so that it comes through sharply, loud and clear to my senses, as if the world is filled with its horrid vibration.

Meanwhile, my “awesome detector” is so broken down it only tunes in to a few random frequencies, or maybe just a couple of the loudest in-your-face moments. I remember things used to be so much better, but that’s only because back then, I knew how to notice the good in the world so much better.

Accept people for the perfect beings they are, making the best choices they can given the circumstances. Do that and suddenly everything changes. Everybody is worth knowing, and every one of their experiences is fascinating to witness. Life moves along smoothly, with no real noticeable obstacles. Everyone is interested in being your partner.

In a world like that, this “manifestation” stuff is child’s play.

IMPORTANT: There’s only one solution for someone who is abusing you: cut them out of your life until you can determine that it’s possible to relate to them in a way where you don’t get abused. This article isn’t about that. Do not expose yourself to abuse. Just get away from it. Period. Safety first people!

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