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Me, Naked (Figuratively!)

I have a habit of using my status updates as a diary. I find that putting my thoughts out for the public without the possibility of editing them after the fact is a marvelous way of keeping myself honest.

It’s odd that I happened to be inspired to document the last 6 months of status updates today. Exactly 6 months and one day ago it was my birthday. It proves to be an interesting document of my spiritual discoveries over the past while.

Also, I noticed that I had started doing professional psychic readings publicly last November. Odd, seems like only yesterday…

Anyhow, hopefully you’ll find some of this of use. Please note that none of these entries is a quote of any other writer, just my own musings.

The modern tendency to tack on the word “science” to make your philosophy seem more trendy seems awfully deceptive. Basically you’re asking for blind faith in exchange for the promise that someone smart somewhere agrees with you.
– May 17, 2013

Putting thoughts of wisdom in your status is a way of attempting to teach yourself the lesson you are sharing. For instance: I wish I was more humble (it would make me a better listener) so I posted the above to avoid seeing my status updates as a way of seeming impressive.
– May 16, 2013

Stop talking and just say something.
– May 13, 2013

No, he doesn’t have ADD. You’re just boring.
– May 11, 2013

I think there’s some confusion about prayer. You don’t need to ask for help, and certainly shouldn’t bother begging. God and the angels have been asking YOU if they can help every day already. So when you pray, do so as if you are giving permission and getting out of their way so the good work can be done. This is what is at the heart of free will.
– May 3, 2013

You would repost this status update if these words were printed over a random out-of-focus photo.
– April 25, 2013

Affirmations do nothing if you haven’t cleaned up your mind, body and soul first. Otherwise you’re just planting seeds in salted soil.
– April 21, 2013

If you’re panicking, someone is selling you something.
– April 17, 2013

Speak less, say more.
– April 10, 2013

Karma is not paid through suffering, but through kindness. Keep this in mind so that penitence isn’t perverted into self-punishment… they’re not supposed to be the same thing at all.
– April 8, 2013

Remember: if someone is positive about their philosophy, they are probably actively ignoring something important.
– April 5, 2013

The enemy of sanity is certainty.
– April 1, 2013

“Being positive” is nothing if you are not also building a compassionate heart.
– March 22, 2013

You can’t evolve and look cool doing it. “Ooh, check out that guy acting with compassion and gratitude! Party on you hardcore badass!”
– March 14, 2013

I’m not anti-authority at all. Let’s be clear about that. I just don’t think that authority actually exists.
– March 12, 2013

If you have a clear idea of what God is, you’ve already reduced the entire concept of the being into something far more trivial than is likely to be true. God must be infinite, and considering your brain is NOT infinite, this means that by definition God is completely beyond your ability to rationally comprehend.

There is only one solution: abandon logic and reason, and accept the irrational. This is the first step to actually finding God.

I appreciate the irony that I’ve drawn this conclusion using logic and reason…
– March 8, 2013

I’m coming to understand that energy needs to be two-way always and without exception, and that there is no virtue in giving it all away.
– March 5, 2013

A person who never questions their own beliefs is wilfully blind.
– February 25, 2013

The main challenge I always face with status updates is to convey something meaningful while avoiding pandering to the reader for attention. I’m way too analytical sometimes…
– February 18, 2013

I think we refuse godhood because we would lose the plaesures of catering to our weaknesses.
– February 4, 2013

Looking for God in every weave and every tear of the cloth.
– January 30, 2013

You can’t refuse to listen and demand knowledge at the same time.
– January 28, 2013

Always suspect reality.
– January 26, 2013

Confronting the cost of enlightenment: the dissolution of a sense of identity. People shouldn’t be so flippant about Ego death. If done for real, it’s terrifying… and terrific.
– January 25, 2013

Beware of insights that are easy to adopt.
– January 23, 2013

A truth to life, to the reason we’re here, is becoming clear in my mind. With clarity comes certainty which, considering how often I’ve been colossally wrong in the past, is a frightening prospect.
– January 22, 2013

This year I’m learning about happiness as a path to compassion… Which I’m pretty sure is a concept I just made up but whatever.
– January 18, 2013

My phone auto-corrects “reason” to “nonsense”. Wisdom.
– January 6, 2013

It just occurred to me: with patience and intent, ascension is inevitable.
– January 4, 2013

I just ran through 3/4 of my battery using Memedroid. In other news, apparently I’m 14 years old or something…
– January 2, 2013

Insert flowery faux- irony that prompts you to comment, if only to claim bragging rights that this status update has something to do with you.
– December 24, 2013

Hello. This is me updating my status. I have nothing interesting to say. Thanks.
– December 23, 2013 (note: strangely this got a fair number of “Likes” and comments…)

Why aren’t people asking “why” anymore?
– December 22, 2013

It occurs to me that I’ve been trying to do everything, which means I’ve done nothing… Hmm… Well now I know. Time to set some priorities.
– December 20, 2013

The “Family Channel” is on at the family get together and… When did boys start wearing so much makeup?
– December 8, 2013

Apparently I am not a circus act, nor do I traffic in them. Shame it took me this long to figure out something so obvious.
– December 6, 2013

I am doing everything in my power to resist calling someone out on their moronic behavior on Facebook right now… come on Caleb, evolve… or just assume they’re trolling and not just horribly idiotic…
– December 4, 2013

So, only a few weeks to the end of the world! I know some people think that it’s going to be a gradual shift in consciousness, and others a collision with Planet X that will shatter the Earth… Personally I’m hoping for something that involves buckets of ice cream raining from the sky. Best. Apocalypse. Ever.
– December 4, 2012

One of the best parts about turning 37 is that I’m old enough to notice how awesome life is, and old enough to value how much love there is in my life, and young enough to get out there and enjoy it.
– November 16, 2012

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