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No More Readings

No More Readings

I’m not accepting any more clients for psychic readings.

Those of you that I’ve helped in the past, don’t worry. We’re good. We connected for a reason and I’m here for you for life. But otherwise, the booking page is officially closed.


For years I’ve been talking about building a course to teach people how to build their intuition and develop psychic skills. Building a course is not an easy thing, however, and as I gathered material together I realized I had a giant series of courses worth of content.

So nothing happened. It was too overwhelming.

Time passed.

And the pressure built.

See the thing is I learned a long time ago that when that little voice in the back of my head gives me direction, I need to pay attention. It’s where goodness and truth comes from.

And I’ve been trying to ignore it.

And let me tell ya: a psychic ignoring their guides is a combination for disaster!

I’ll spare you the details but it boils down to this: I need to quit doing as many things as possible in order to settle into my new role as instructor. And that means no more readings.

So watch this space, make sure you’re on the mailing list, and I’ll check back in with you when it’s time to teach you how to build your own psychic gifts!

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