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One Psychic Says: “Enough With The ‘Quantum’ Nonsense”

One Psychic Says: “Enough With The ‘Quantum’ Nonsense”

Look, there’s only one reason a psychic reader or a spiritualist uses the word “quantum”: they’re trying to manipulate you into believing what they say. It sounds super-scientific, doesn’t it? Must be true!

That kind of manipulation is insulting to the person they’re speaking to. It’s as if they don’t believe you should think about what they’re saying and decide for yourself if it makes sense. They’d rather you just shut up and swallow whatever you’re being spoon fed.

It’s a symbol of their lack of faith in you. Of course, on the other side sometimes it’s more about a lack of faith in themselves.

They might have a point worth exploring, but they’ve immediately buried it under this cloying need for approval. They’re so worried about people believing what they say, so self-conscious about these ideas, that they need to pepper their language with buzzwords like “quantum” or “energy field” or “wave particle duality”.

So, as a psychic and a spiritualist, I say enough; we don’t need these crutches. Humans are marvelous, beautiful, and want enlightenment. Let’s treat them that way.

Here, try this on for size: love everyone. It makes the world a better place.

Did that lack impact because I forgot to mention the scientific rationale for it? No. And do you know why? Because you’re not a psychopath, that’s why. You get it.

How about this one: we’re all connected.

Oh, did I forget to add “on a quantum level”? That’s because if I did that would be stupid, frankly. We share the same air, we live on the same planet, we survive by the same sun. Of course we’re all connected, in thousands and millions of ways and levels and the more you look the more you’ll see.

Take a moment now and consider this. Isn’t it the most easy thing in the world to see? So why would I try to box you into my little “quantum level” frame?

One last one: you can change the world.

No, dammit, not because of quantum physics. You can change the world because you have power.

Now granted, it might have been sleeping, but you can wake that power up. It wants to wake up. We call it by a lot of names: love, compassion, kindness, or just plain humility – that deep burning desire in you to see joy grow inside others.

You can change the world by using that power. You can smile at someone today. Just that. That’s a start. That counts. That can change five full minutes of a stranger’s life.

From there you can thank someone today for just being who they are and doing what they do. You can treat someone with kindness when they’re feeling down. You can laugh with someone.

And person by person, moment by moment, little by little, you can create thousands of sparks of joy that ignite a wildfire of kindness that sweeps this planet and changes everything on every level.

You can do this. This is the truth, and a truth you know without my having to rationalize it in pseudo-scientific “quantum” language. Nobody can take that away from you, and nobody needs to convince you, and we don’t need anybody’s permission. It’s something you already have a handle on, something you already know and didn’t need me to teach you. All I’m doing here is saying: “Look at that. Isn’t that awesome?”

No more manipulation. Only truth.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Thomas

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