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What Does Fate Have In Store?

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Mainfestation Fundamentals: Why?

The Universe doesn't care if you're strong or weak, clever or stupid, educated or ignorant. It doesn't even care if you're "correct" in your spiritual philosophy.It only cares about one thing: are you being completely clear about this thing you want?This means not just having a well-defined notion of what…

The Spiritual Journey of Poker

Seriously? Poker?One of the main ways to develop your intuition is to listen to it and act accordingly. Lately I've been calling this "obedience" as a way to bully my ego into doing what intuition is telling me to do. The principle is simple: if intuition shows you a door,…

Incredible Binaurals (video)

Links to all of the videos below: The 2nd Annual Psychic Fair & Wellness Expo http://ridgewaylionesspsychicfair.wee... The Spiritual Spa Psychics and Healers of Niagara 174 Hz - Foundation 285 Hz - Quantum Cognition 396 Hz - Muladhara: The Root Chakra 417 Hz - Swadhisthana: The…

Spiritual Food (video)

If you're missing this, you're missing everything. Your food may not be feeding your body or your soul.Links:Garden City Food Co-op Local Food Co-Operative Action Niagara Community Gardens Psychic Villagehttp://thepsychicvillage.blogspot.com you enjoy this video? Share it using the buttons below, or leave a comment!

Our Sincerest Gratitude

Awhile ago we posted an announcement for an event we were doing this coming Monday: Psychic Tarot Readings at The Spiritual Spa. The response has been even better than expected, and we've booked the day completely!If you had wanted a Psychic Tarot Reading, but missed the deadline, please get in…