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Psychic Confession Time

Psychic Confession Time

Can I be honest? Being a psychic makes me feel like a total weirdo.

That picture isn’t me, by the way, but it represents how I feel: a regular Canadian guy who loves beer, hockey, and maple syrup, but underneath it all has this wacky life doing psychic readings. Most of my friends can’t relate to it at all.

It doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t all psychics born with grey hair, swimming in wrinkles, and speak in a crazy accent with a quivering voice about “the spirits”? Shouldn’t I be wearing a lot more beads and purple clothing and maybe something with tassels? And I’m supposed to interrupt random stranger’s conversations with: “Wait! I sense something! A message is coming through from… beyond!”

But none of that happens. If you didn’t know me, you’d swear I was just another office worker. We’d talk about photography, or ROI on PPC campaigns, or maybe we’d just go and get a Timmie’s. Love that dark roast.

So I don’t know… I don’t fit the stereotype, but at the same time I’m not exactly normal either.

Maybe the weirdest thing is how normal it all feels. In those moments during a reading where the extra-paranormal stuff happens, like I’ll pick out of the air that their husband is dead or their son is in prison or they just quit their job, in those moments it all feels very natural and normal. People ask me: “How did you know that?” and it’s generally just… obvious. In the same way I could see them sitting in the chair, I knew these other impossible to know things.

But later, when they’ve gone and I have a moment to reflect, I usually think: “Yeah, how did I know that?” And once again, I’m feeling like a weirdo.

It’s times like these that I have to remind myself that none of this really matters. Weird is okay. Every day I’m true to myself, every day I do what I know is right, and every day I work hard to make sure that all this awkwardness is worth it. That’s what’s important.

If anything, my embarrassment at my peculiar “chosen profession” motivates me: it makes me make damn sure that no matter what, I serve these people with every fiber of my being. I’m not going through all this awkwardness for nothing.


Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire
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  1. I think your uniqueness is that you have bridged the intellectual/creative barrier. It's hard for people who have a very analytical mind to open up to the spiritual world. they tend to be if I can't see it, touch it or measure it it just isn't there.. and if you think something is there you are crazy! LOL
    So this is a 'good for you'comment 🙂
    Just remember to 'dumb it down a bit' when your talking to me! hahaha

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