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Spiritual Influence: Watch The Signal To Noise Ratio

Intuitives spend a lot of time and effort on one thing: becoming more intuitive. As they hone their craft they become more sensitive to what they are feeling and thinking, and develop ways of converting that raw data into information.

On a very basic level, this starts as “this feels bad, it must be bad,” and “this feels good, it must be good.” Makes sense, right?

As we develop this part of ourselves, we start trusting our emotions more and more. We do this for a good reason: they frequently reveal things that were hidden. After a number of times where listening to our intuition reveals things we would have had no way of knowing before, it’s only natural that we stop judging the feelings and just go with them.

The problem is that sometimes we completely forget that, like all humans, our emotions are at the mercy of our bodies – and our bodies don’t always react in a way that makes any sense at all.

Take the new moon, for example. I’ve found that whenever the moon goes dark, I get a rush of emotion for a few days. This has everything to do with the way the moon is interacting with my body, and nothing at all to do with the specific emotions I’m experiencing.

Of course, I didn’t realize this at first. When I first became sensitive to it I just couldn’t understand why I was alternately so upset, then passionate, and then melancholy. I started losing sleep. I started suspecting some kind of negative influence. I started to wonder if maybe I was doing something wrong. “What are you trying to tell me,” I would ask my guides.

Desperate for answers, I started to run down a number of theories. There were a few wild goose chases.

Then, one day, I looked at the calendar, looked at the last few months, and noticed a pattern. The new moon. It comes around, and I freak out a little. It finishes, and calm returns.

That’s all it was. For goodness sakes…

So now that I know, I accept the energy with open arms and find myself incredibly productive and creative at these times. Starting new projects as the new moon approaches, at least for me, gives me a great running start. I definitely look forward to the galvanizing force.

Please understand though, I’m not trying to tell you anything about the moon. What I’m trying to tell you is this: the better you are at tuning into the subtle energies of the universe, the more you will find yourself influenced by them in ways you might not realize. When that happens you have a choice: shield against these energies (which means block them out), or let them in and make them useful.

Let me be clear: both of these choices are perfectly safe and perfectly acceptable.

The only dangerous choice is to vehemently assume that your feeling “means something”, and to go hunting for that meaning. The human mind is, by design, a pattern-matching machine. If you’re experiencing a rush of emotion and look to the people around you for the cause, you will find it whether it is there or not.

Now, what would make this article really spectacular is to finish off with the magic pill that you can swallow to instantly know the difference between some external influence telling you something about the world, or to just blame last night’s nightmares on an allergic reaction to cashews. It would be awesome if there was an easy way to tell the difference.

But there isn’t. It takes patience, it takes experience, and it takes time. There are no true shortcuts when it comes to spiritual growth, so my only real advice is this: take each sensation, each emotion, and each idea that pops into your head for what it is. Don’t assign meaning, and don’t assign blame. Observe yourself, observe the world, and wait for the lesson that the Universe is trying to teach you to become apparent.

Allow it to take as much time as needed. Try not to force it, and allow all possible conclusions to remain only possibilities. Never commit yourself to a “truth”, as actually “knowing” anything for certain in this life is not what we were born to do here. We are meant to experience and observe, that’s all.

Accept all of this, and the best way to handle the energies around you will become clear in due time.

And don’t forget: keep breathing.

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