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The JP Sears Striptease

The JP Sears Striptease

No, I didn’t go to watch male strippers last weekend.

That was the weekend before.

I’m kidding.

Actually I was hanging out with a few thousand archangels.

No, not kidding. I have photo evidence:


Last weekend I went to the Archangel Summit; an incredible annual event where just a few thousand of my closest friends gather to jam with brilliant, loving experts about making the world a better place by accomplishing their life’s missions.

There were celebrities, acrobats, and geniuses of all kinds sharing their talents and pearls of wisdom, and the whole thing was hosted by JP Sears. Who, at one point, started taking his clothes off.

But I’ll come back to that.

Don’t know who JP Sears is? Oh man… I envy you. You get to watch his videos for the first time! Check this out:

Clearly awesome. You can find out more about JP here.

So about the partial nudity…

One of the features at the summit was to invite people to give short but powerful talks with tight takeaways. These were interesting, if a bit unpolished, but we got a lot out of them and generally they helped keep the energy up.

Mostly. Except…

Well, the one talk was about a student who didn’t pay attention, disrupted class, and generally wasn’t “getting it”. They would interrupt a lecture to talk about how tough it was to get through the line in the cafeteria. But the teacher never gave up on them and they formed a bond.

Uplifting setup, right?

And then the student got sick and died.

And it was super sad when the teacher had to tell the class.

End of story.

Takeaway: show people you believe in them.

Oh. Um… Now I’m depressed. Okay. On to the next presenter… I guess…

And then JP comes out shirtless, wearing just a tie, and thanks the speaker, invites us all to applaud, and asks us how his abs are looking. “Who wants to be Instagram famous? Here’s how you do it: have me on there shirtless doing superhero poses.”

Bam. Energy restored. Learning can now resume.

The point?

When it comes to growth, goofiness has serious energetic implications. Sure, it can disrupt a class, but it can also put the class back on track.

That’s why I always tell people that the only bad energy is unacknowledged energy. Pay attention to what’s going on and work with it to shift, rather than deny it and force things in another direction.

It’s a philosophy that works with people, money, and spirit.

And shirtless superhero poses.

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