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Wow, Things Are Heating Up!

Wow, things are heating up!

Things have been crazy around here!

First of all, apologies to those of you who were following the blog. I don’t generally update it. WAY too busy.

So tell you what, here’s a fun video about Psychic Entertainers:

As far as appointments go, I’ve managed to open up a few more timeslots but haven’t yet been able to make walk-ins possible, so make sure to drop me an email at with your desired appointment time. We can meet here in the office or do it online, whichever is most comfortable for you.

One last thing: in my commitment to serve you better, I’ve opened up a mailing list where I send notifications out if I’m ever able to do free psychic readings. You can find that page here.

Now, there’s a lot more coming up. As subscribers to the mailing list know, I’m constructing a course series called “Practical Intuition” to help you learn to trust your gut! Make sure to pop your email in on the Free Readings page or watch this blog. There is LOTS of news on the way!

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